Saturday, 24 February 2018

Have we Stockholm Syndrome?

G'day Petals,
Stockholm Syndrome: do we Aussies have the first recorded example of a nation-wide case?
Where a hostage develops positive feelings for the captor;
the hostages prefer not to act against their captors legally;
and where the hostage takes on the same values as their captor so as not to be seen as a threat.

Let's look at some recent events and note how nationally we have responded.

If any further evidence was needed that the ABC has been effectively gutted, (apart from the fascist "pulling" of Emma Alberici's critical analysis of Scummo Morrison's and Truffles Proposed Trickle Down tax cuts for big business' who pay no tax anyway…because it didn't meet management's IPA guidelines ) well, we had von Onanism from the Oz and Shari Mark-up from the Terragraph proselytising for their respective Ugly American's Murdoch right-wing propaganda sheets for a full half of the 7.30 Report at taxpayer expense.
Caballing with an ever compliant Hissy-Fit Sales about the salient points of Barnyard Joyce's penetrating personality and his ability to get-it-up whilst blotto, their consensus ended up being a justification that they have now "seemed" to have let loose the Dog's of  tabloid war on pollies personal lives a'la UK Daily Mirror.  
I might be naive but I thought the Ugly American Murdoch tabloids did that around 2011-13 to destroy Julia Gillard in the public's mind.
Talk about a cynical pre-emptive excuse for pillorying Labor in the next 10 months and forever after in the Brit fashion of sleazy innuendo and "gotcha" interviews that effectively masks any real news content to suit what the powers that be, want.
Unfortunately for us and fortunately for Barnyard the MSM who already knew  about Barnyard's corruption, family issues and more, decided not to report it till after his bye-election was completed.
Keeping the electors in the dark which in anyone's terms, is partisan and dishonest.
(note: Guthrie's Gotta Go!)

On the same day, Truffles reverted to being a prefect instead of  prime miniature.
In his best tin-ear-for-politics sophistry, he announced that bonking your staff is now a not do-able but an offence; not that bonking someone else staffer was not-on and that he would be handing out prophylactics only on request.
Truffles, overplaying his natural prefect manner only succeeding in further denigrating and making a greater joke of our parliament than it already has become under this ruling rabble. Making it less relevant in the public mind but also reminding an already demeaned Barnyard that he was very, very naughty boy and should probably consider saying 10 Hail Mary's!
But doubling down on pathetic; Barnyard then returned fire, blowing Rasberries, squaring up and spitting, he was a Nat! "We don't take orders from no-one, Truffles… so there! Just look at Fat George of the Deep North threatening to shoot Greenies… he's a good fun sort… just the sort of family values we all aspire to."

Truffles then announced that Horse-Shite Cormann was to be his deputy as he sashayed off to brown-nose with Un-president Strumpet of the Un-united States whilst giving away $2 Trillion of our superannuation monies to fund Yankee infrastructure, effectively snotting Barnyard whose role it was supposed to be and sending him on sick leave; in the process, keeping Asbestos Bishop at arm's length, too.
It was never announced whether the Foreign Affairs Department had supplied translators for any "presser" Horse-shite mumbled.

Barnyard, refreshed after twenty minutes of his "sick" leave went touring his bailiwick and discovered a loving populace wearing sackcloth and ashes, rending their garments and wailing pitifully outside his now-for-lease (recently re-furbished at $650,000.00 taxpayer expense) electoral office, at the unfairness of his treatment by a "witch-hunting" media and begging him, Pied Piper-like to lead them to the promised Billabong where the water, unlike the Murray/Darling he oversaw, never runs out.

Unfortunately, in the midst of this emotional electoral apotheosis came news that the Wicked Witch of the Nat's, West had dumped on Barnyard after having seen the complaint that He-had-(allegedly)-drunkenly-pinched-a woman-on-the-derriere in 2011, sort of confirming that he WAS a very, very, very, serially naughty boy and he, more or less promptly, fell on his plough share!
But what a self indulgent not-confession, but a litany of pissed-off-ed-ness issued from Barnyard high above Tamworth in his final Sermon from the Mount !
The corrupt philanderer STILL doesn't get it that he IS, was and always will be the problem that brought him undone!

Dodo Dutton performed a sonorously mind-numbing and inelegantly phrased right-wing epistle in his best inflection-free monotone last Wednesday for his first (and for us hopefully, his last) performance at the National Press Club. Confirming his detestation of fairness and equality Dodo proceed to enlighten us on the virtues of where no red tape and cheap foreign workers correspond: how freedom from having any ability to hide ones personal life from his pet para-military, Border-Farce, will make life simpler:  and how marching with right arm outstretched at 30* whilst singing The Horst Wessel will inculcate Strine Valyews of a particularly rancid Deep North sort.
Goose-Stepping behind in agreement with this idea was Horse-Shite, possibly remembering fondly all those fun songs and salutes his grandparents were probably encouraged to participate in. 

Small-Minded Business Minister Craig Laundy goes off the map in parliament. …….  "McManus-stan, (trade union boss, Sally McManus) that alternate universe, where the general, the superior leader, Sally McManus, that puppet master and her two favourite marionettes, the member for Gorton and the leader of the opposition, where she is pulling the strings hard every day."
Apart from just sounding like an idiot  and making parliament a waste of time, perhaps we could excuse Pie-Face because he may well have foetal alcohol syndrome ?

Petals, in the week that all this happened a poll came out. With the mayhem, insanity, abundant corruption , lying, rorting and generalised malfeasance you would probably expect that this ruling rabble would have been shot to ribbons. Not the case: Labor Up 1, Ruling Rabble: Down 1

Are we like the Stockholm Syndrome afflicted, now so immured in the dross of this country we can no longer see right from wrong , see a positive future over and above the muck, lies and destruction the ruling rabble are perpetrating? Can we no longer see that our press and particularly the only independent media, the ABC is  NOT reporting what is really happening in this IPA fantasy world?
Two minutes to midnight, Petals….

Monday, 12 February 2018

And the Dead Cat Bounced…..with Effie's Banana

G'day Petals,
Wow! What a week it has been, well fortnight really, as I've been distracted making renovations to the burrow.

Prime Miniature Truffles and his ruling rabble began the new parliamentary year on what they thought was a high, confident that their political fortunes were turning as the first poll of the year had them (according to the Ugly American Murdoch's bastion of fake news, The Oz )"surging" by one, yes 1 point, to be only five points behind Labor.  
Truffles extended his lead as preferred PM by another point; all of which proves that if he and his ruling rabble do nothing their popularity is assured.
Bob Brown's Tarkine crew
Bob Brown's Tarkine crew
Unfortunately the Xmas and New Year slumber and fantasy period ended and reality dawned with the announcement by the ABC that they had in their possession two safe-like cabinets which contained thousands of secret cabinet documents involving the current and four previous governments and which had been bought at a second hand office furniture store. 
"How Embarrassment" as Effie was wont to say, but there are four things worth noting in all this. 1/ It seems the documents were a cunningly curated bundle, pulling together future booby traps of information from disparate sources. 2/ The few publicly released, gave positive indications of how the ruling rabble mind really works in cabinet' which is not at all like what they say on the campaign trail.  3/ That the ABC is no Washington Post: meekly handing it all back when ASIO raided them at 13.00 hours, and 4/ The implied competence (or otherwise) of this Ruling Rabble, Mk#2 !
NGV Lift
NGV Lift
More was to follow with another more serious yet, very under-reported breach of security when a drawer in a desk, again from a second hand furniture salesroom, was discovered to have taped to its back, highly secret defence documents and three security passes!
Isn't it amazing what savage cuts to public service numbers can do to morale, efficiency and stable governance when "the adults are in charge"?
And what a salutary example too of the serious bother many, many people would have been in if the new draconian secrecy laws had been passed.
Pigeon, Melbourne
Effie must have been blowing in the ear of the Minister for Defence Industry, Chwissie, the Perfect Prat of a Whining Pyne as well, when he announced that Australia was going into gun running and arms sales. Now, given we can't build our own subs, frigates, tanks, cars and trains, that our NBN under Truffle's innovative leadership in now 65th in the world (down from 25) and our education system is failing,  this alarming policy of helping create more refugees so that we can then incarcerate if they attempt to flee here is obviously a very cunning plan to garner world attention by shooting ourselves in the foot!

Ex Major General, Jimbo Molan, whose reputation rests on shooting people, and newly arrived in the senate said he 's not just a racist because he likes posting far right Brit anti Muslim videos on his fb page… "I'm only drawing out targets to eliminate, Fallujah style, at a latter date. When Dodo Dutton and Roaming Quisling is back from his sabbatical we will all get dressed in our brown shirts and get organised. "  he was unreliably reported to have said.
Tarkine simulation, Fed Square
The Ruling Rabble also welcomed turncoat Lucy, Lulu-Flat-Earth, Gichuhi who obviously appreciates the more finely nuanced corruption possibilities available with the ruling rabble and the chance to sparkle amongst such dross.
She had spurned the advances  of Bestiality Bernardi's Far Right-Back-to-the-Middle-Ages-Party where the sparks would have flown very making him look like the dumb jock that he is.  Lulu-Flat-Earth is sure to be a hit though, particularly with Dodo Dutton and his current fad for all things African.
A more suitable candidate for Bestiality's saviour circus appeared in the ex Un-Xtian Lobby's  Lying Lyle Shelton whose Neanderthal views more closely accord with the rower of men.
And down we go...
Then Effie went the full banana!
Not content with accepting $9,000,000.00 of taxpayers monies whilst not being eligible to sit in parliament, looking particularly drunk in the said parliament, corrupting and aiding the corruption of the Murray Darling water leases, having to think twice of accepting a $40,000.00 "donation," using his "faith" to stand against the SSM debate and causing untold harm to those that wanted marriage equality, voting against the drug Gardisil and using his daughters as salient points, Barnyard Joyce has "arranged" for his new mistress to be moved around government departments and secure a $190,000.00 salary. Oh, and she's  allegedly pregnant to him as well and not her husband of 12 months so he's stuffed his marriage of 24 years, has left home and is shacked up with her in a mates place (he's a developer, so it must be NSW) and rent-free, too when they have a combined income of $600,000.00 p.a.!
Now, what did Sam Dastyari resign for and how was he treated by the press for his couple of grand? 
And let's for a moment, just listen to the Sounds of Silence emanating from the religious righteous like Scummo Morrison and Bestiality and Cap'n Catlic Andrews over Barnyards fornication's. Or the MSM howls about the corruption of the taxpayer spending $3,000,000.00 on security for his "gifted" bolthole.... How embarrassment!
And Barnyard has the temerity to call Willie Shortstuff a hypocrite.
Making ripples.

Let's see Petals, how far the dead cat has bounced at the tomorrow's poll. 
I think it might be terminal time for the ruling rabble.
Hoo-roo Possums,

ps. photos taken at Fed Square and NGV in Melbourne where people were not frightened of new things and other races.
NGV Moat

Sunday, 28 January 2018


rent symbol
rent symbol
G'day Possums,
well the Great Day has come and gone and rarely has the nature of a country's social fabric been exposed as so threadbare
When 60,000 are on the streets in Melbourne, 50,000 in Sydney and thousands of others in Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane are marching to state: "Change-The-Day" to stop memorialising what is really the  "Invasion Day" of Janurary 26 and when the Prime Miniature Truffles Turdball pontificates at us "that it is a day when we all come together;  when we are united as a national identity….." you know that the wheels are falling off.
Glued to the racist, elitist and ignorant paradigms of the White Australia Policy of the 30's, the ruling rabble are again showing themselves to be not only  irrelevant to the C21st  but consciously divisive and retrograde.
This may bring some pleasure to clowns like Le Jongleur Roskam  at the Coot's-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe (aka, the IPA) as a diversion in their quest to make Australia a fully mindless, free-market, capitalist tool for the 1% to play but with the social cracks getting as wide as the country's wealth disparity they must be aware they are close to being swallowed up in the coming dissension.
..says it all, really.
..says it all, really.

Lately sensing a turn of tide, the wholly unimaginative un-environment minister, Hungarian Fictions Frydenberg, attempting to be better-late-than-never penned a story announcing with boyish enthusiasm that he had discovered electric cars and that they were "a-good-thing" only to be roundly abused as proselytising for Tesla by Right-Wing Lump of Bile, Judy Sloan. Who said of Fictions, " What was he thinking? If there ever was a country less suited to electric vehicles, it’s Australia."  Now: that Judes is a pretty nasty piece of work, particularly if you happen to be an Early School / Kindergarten Teacher and that her economic sense is less trickle down but more slow drip, is probably well understood but Oz not being suited to electric vehicles? Really?  But then she's probably,1/ ignoring, 2/ can't rise above the muck of The Ugly American Murdoch's stable or 3/ just hasn't noticed the electric trucks with ranges of 800Km or the little solar backed-up commuter cars from Germany with a 300km range. You can see her now, waddling over to Mr Benz in 1886 and authoritatively telling him, "Karl, you know this isn't going to work, don’t you? You have no roads and no oil wells and besides, Rupert doesn't like it!"
Greendale Pub
Greendale Pub

Another frightened of progress is our Biggest Miner Gina's "bestie," ex-New Zealand philanderer / adulterer and alleged Transport Minister, Barnyard Joyce who sees the replication of the overseas ban on petrol and diesel in favour of pursuing electric as nonsense.." for as long as we can Frack the Hunter region and drain the Murray/Darling she'll-be-right…"
It was not ascertained whether this alleged outburst was the result of Delirium Tremens or the issuing of divorce settlement papers.
Chiming into all this and helping to kick this ruling rabble can back to the C19th was Craig " Punter" Kelly who oddly, for a climate change sceptic, is the chair of the ruling rabble's environment and energy committee (primarily to advise Fictions). Punter doesn't like wind farms, renewable energy and tobacco taxes but he likes the IPA. Needless to say, what he said is wholly irrelevant as it has been alleged that even most of his colleagues think he's a twit, too!

Apart from sinking the boot into Dan-the-Man here in the Tardis State (which is no longer going backwards) Truffles has thrown some shekels at the not-so-Great Barrier Reef in order to A/ look like he really cares  and B/ regain his lost popularity by doing what environmentalists and marine scientists think is "a wasteful publicity stunt" that will have minimal impact on the Crown of Thorns Starfish ravaging the reef.

Aussie of the Year was awarded to a scientist… a Quantum physicist, Professor Michelle Yvonne Simmons, whose work has been heralded as launching Australia into "the space race of the computing era."  Truffles, whose ruling rabble Mk2, like the ruling rabble Mk1 of Rabid the Hun, doesn't boast a science minister because the climate change deniers/sceptics and Neanderthals of this rabble would be embarrassed by thinking, hypocritically gave the prize to her.

The photos are from the local on Australia Day; it was worth noting that the mood was very flat…plenty of bikers from somewhere else… not much happening around the local CFA tanker, only a few watching the woodchop…but plenty of synthetic patriotism attached to things  and beer in cans only … saved being "glassed," I was told. Generally these days are fun: not this year.. perhaps the effect of politicising the rural volunteer brigades by the State ruling rabble opposition cohort has borne its own obvious fruit

Advance Australia Where?

Bogans all let us lament
That we are full of fear
We’ve privatised all in making wealth
For investors not from here.
Our abundant natures gifts are raped
For compensation poor.
Oft wrapped in flags of Chinese make
And ranting slogans of mindless hate
In words fully three and sometimes more
Advance Australia Where?

Below our smoggy Southern Cross
All things wrecked by Rabid's IPA whim
And 457’s on the rise
Our future does look grim.
We say to those fleeing shock and awe
“We’re bloody full, right! So fuck off
Illegal Queue jumpers welcomed here
Only if your Burqa’s doffed”
Still …Oz Flagged wrapped in sentiment fake
Advance Australia Where?


Saturday, 13 January 2018

To look like your thoughts…

shane mirrored
shane mirrored

G'day Possums,

Dodo Dutton… Deep North Fascist, blunders on to Sydney radio to rail against Dan-the-Man Andrews in Vic over what he sees as a crisis with gangs, the judiciary and multi-culturalism… not white ones like the 100 who terrorised the Torquay beach resort, mind you,  nor the four whities who head-stomped a girl attending a fight- injured man in Geelong but Africans … because the ruling rabble are so bereft of policy that's positive and having run out of well, never had, good economic news, they are compelled to wallow in their inner recesses and via smoke screen express fully what they actually look like.
They are ugly and getting uglier… rather akin to Dorian Gray's portrait where each moral breach is registered in the portrait's facade but not in the publicly accessed arena of a compliant Ugly American Murdoch, media.
True to the original bottom-feeder dictums of Little Johnny Howard and his "Tampa "and  "Children Overboard" calumnies,  Truffles motley,  incompetent and mostly incoherent ruling rabble can only see political survival in the further destruction of every sound social attribute requiring imagination, vision and talent. They pray at the altar of Le Jongleur, Roskam's regressive IPA and like Dutton, double down in falsehood as there is no other avenue left available to them .
And why is Dan-the-Man under such ferocious attack?
He does things for the community! 
Like Jay Weatherill in SA, he builds infrastructure to benefit the state and provides jobs that  show up how pointless the federal ruling rabble is.
Rotten to the Core
Rotten to the Core
Being consistently opaque, the public submissions to the Truffles / Ruddock review of religious "freedom" in Australia will be kept secret. That this is another marked departure from normal processes seems not to bother this supine nation.
So, like an inquisition being secret, why would should any-one take the Rancid Ruddock's findings with any seriousness?
“Economic management is not the Turnbull Government’s strong suit, or indeed that of the Abbott train wreck which preceded it.
In the four and a bit years since the Coalition has been in power the deficit has ballooned from $18.8 billion in Labor’s last year to $33 billion in 2016-17, while total borrowings have risen past $600 billion.
On the “reform” front there is also precious little to crow about: in the Abbott era the Government repealed the carbon pricing scheme, replacing a market mechanism with a taxpayer-funded mess, and junked the mining tax for good measure while goading Australian car makers into closing their factories.”
So sayeth one of the Ugly Americans tabloids!
Is the worm turning or is the myth constantly peddled by the ruling rabble of their economic sagacity finally being appreciated for the falsehood it is?
The rampant corruption of the ruling rabble with their "over-entitlement" and "deals" over the Murray Darling water, overseas political donations, etc has borne its natural fruit.
The number of  public servants bureaucrats witnessing corruption in their agencies has nearly doubled compared to three years ago as has the growing number reporting cronyism and nepotism. 
The latest public service commission State of the Service report found 5 per cent of surveyed government staff said they had seen corrupt behaviour, a figure that has steadily risen since an initial survey in 2013-14 that found 2.6 per cent had witnessed it in their workplaces.
What is the only thing  the ruling rabble do well?  Corruption.. and note the date... since the accession of ruling rabble Mk#1.

If you look you can see it in their faces.

Hoo-roo Petals,

Monday, 1 January 2018

The Calm Before The Storm...?

...among the gums
Shane...among the gums
G'day possums,

Xmas has come and quietly gone with a side tour to Trentham Falls and a photo-op just up the road from the burrow at O' Brien's Crossing... to replicate the Wombat's Gels sitting together on the same rock they had sat on and  photographed many, many years ago.

At the Falls there were many people ignoring warning signs and climbing barriers attempting the 32 metre descent to the bottom of the falls down a rough, narrow path... and many others proving their place in existence with "selfies." 

Self was also central at O'Brien's with people camping along the pebbled fringes of the barely running and narrow Lederderg River: the most notable being the palatial white marquee whose occupants had thoughtfully placed their chugging generator closer to campsites other than their own so they could enjoy watching the televised test cricket in the relative quiet of their tent.

Mrs Wombat and I also came across some other campers cooking up an aromatic storm of b-b-q'd Lamb who told us they were Persian and kindly offered us a delicious sample of their fare.... I hope that they have nothing to worry about with the current ructions in their homeland.

The Wombat gels were late arriving back have spent time trying to douse a campfire that had been left smouldering (a day before a day of total fire ban) and out of mobile range for a  call in the CFA to deal with it.

Some postulate that the selfish actions seen here are a result of the "Age of Anxiety". The age where for the young, everything is so controlled and intervention so complete that real success or failure is never experienced, limits are never broached and experiential development is stalled until "adulthood" is reached and self absorption, ignorance of collectivism and societal common purpose has decayed and corrupted till only a nihilistic individual hedonism  is recognisable. 

O'Brien's Crossing
VicPol  have, after another nutter used his vehicle as a weapon on city crowds placed a malfunctioning tannoy warning system around the city: "Whoop, whoop, whoop... there is an emergency taking place, please don't panic in the vicinity of Swanston and Latrobe!" ...... and also spent considerable time telling the population how many heavily armed officers will be patrolling on N Y E and that "...wherever you are, we are here to look after you and keep you safe... from whatever disaster or riot might eventuate."
It was hard not to get a sense that they were actually salivating at the prospect of a riot so that they could justify their existence and bang someone on the head or let off a few celebratory 40 Cal Smith and Wesson rounds.
The word "riot," was used, too!  Be fearful, fear everything, Big Brother will look after (control) you!
Trentham Falls
Trentham Falls

On the federal front: Fishnets-That-Batter, Downer, (soon to be replaced by Bookshelves Brandarse  as our  High Ponce in London) prior to last years election in the Un-United States, had, not only  a very boozy chat with one of Pussy-Grabber Trump' s apparatchiks who apparently revealed "the Russian Connection" to the pussy Grabber's campaign but then Fishnets  belched this info to Oz security who dutifully informed the FBI which will, in turn, make the Pussy Grabber and his bestie Putin, a trifle annoyed with Oz.

And why was Fishnets-That-Batter having excessive drinky-poo's with Tea Party trolls on the taxpayer's purse in the first place?

Fresh from the mongrels who can't competently fill our their citizenship declarations comes the story of a Tamil detainee who struggled to fill out 41-page application form in English – and was not able to access legal assistance in time and so, was placed in handcuffs at Villawood detention centre and slated for deportation that evening.

Barnyard tells us he has a big pool of talent to trawl from.
Like 20 !!!!!
Who is this philandering and corrupt alcoholic trying to convince with hyperbole filched from mining propaganda brochures in justifying more unknown Deep Northerners in cabinet ?

As more detail emerges as to who said what to whom, The Harpy, Cash has been rebuffed in the Federal Court and  been directed to hand over the documents relevant to her leaked / botched raid on the AWU …… and then Scummo Morrison: one hypocrite whose alleged "faith"  I was never aware of having any impact for good ever on Australian society,  in fact quite the opposite;  and I'm sure the refugees he set adrift in lifeboats and those he turned back or incarcerated would think similarly of his  "standing up" for Xtian values by promising to play a leading role next year in the debate about enshrining further "protections" for religious freedom in law!
..a rubbish xmas tree...
Roaming Quisling, Border Farce Gruppenfuehrer, it has been revealed by "Benito" Pezzullo  is STILL (since May 2017) under investigation for abuse of power (and allegedly being naughty with younger staff, other than his spouse) on full pay of $618,000.00 pa. 
His Reich fuehrer, DoDo Dutton is being commendably loyal to his ex Deep North plod mate who just might have to "goods" on Dodo, though it is interesting to note how tardy the nature and progress of such investigations of corruption are  when it comes to the ruling rabble's henchmen as compared to the alacrity with which the AFP act on the Labor party or the Unions!

Which is perhaps why latter-day Noe Notion aficionado, Dickie Smith is sensing that this sort of hypocrisy, allied with the yawning and increasing gap in wealth distribution is the reason he feels a real revolution is around the corner…..and why the nobbled ABC in concert with other Ugly American, Murdoch propaganda sheets is peddling the  mis-information that Labor is cracking.... or am I really hearing another tsunami of wishful thinking to divert a nation in a parlous economic and psychological space? 
The Harpy Cash is being hoist on her own petard, Scummo is still talking fiscal and religious fairy tales, Fictions Frydenberg is permanently off with the Hungarian pixies on energy, Jobsongroth, unable to find a renewable contract with decent penalty rates and Barnyard's bullying all and sundry in an effort to prove his virility whilst the Un-xtian Porter (a shallow boy seeking validation of his existence by punching people) unpacks the IPA agenda on Human Rights to lead us back to serfdom. 
Yep, 2018 will see Truffles still playing Canute without a life jacket and will continue to demonstrate his awesome facility of the reverse Midas touch as the world mocks and feeds off us
Around this Wombat's burrow , NYE was unusually quiet, the roads and city further west apparently deserted and fireworks seen on TV from Sydney, overlong and boring ..there was no mention of riots either…is this the calm before the inevitable storm?
Hoo-roo Petals,