Sunday, 16 July 2017

The mirror's cracked and things are askew...

It's Time.

G'day Petals,
most of today's pics are from areas around the route of the present southern sections of the  "Tour de France," The Tarn and Aveyron, taken some four years ago.

Border Farce Commissioner, Roaming Quisling is on leave, being investigated for possibly being a very naughty boy.
Not for the fact that Border Farce incorrectly sent 2 Australian citizens to Christmas Island or that they stuffed up the raid on Victoria, or that journalists personal details were leaked or that the "darknet" is selling Medicare details and police ID online... but into his personal behaviour...Dodo Dutton, allegedly Immigration Minister was a Queensland cop too, so... "nuffin-to-see-'ere?"
As one wit noted, "Brothers-in-Harm?"
Shades of Mandy "Il-Patrone" Vanstone's  appalling ministerial history ... malevolent echoes of the wrongful imprisonment of Cornelia Rau and Vivian Solon. Ms Solon, also an Australian citizen, was wrongly deported to the Philippines in 2001 because immigration officials believed she was an illegal immigrant.
She was later compensated to the tune of $4.5 million.
But Mandy "Il Patrone" still gets to regularly proselytise her right wing political banalities on TV, radio and in the press.
The Devil, Death and Eve, Moissac.
Without any irony, a Brit  right-wing think-tank, the Policy Exchange, awarded Truffles Turdball their "Disraeli Prize"  for "...maintaining Australia’s non-discriminatory immigration program..."
Hmmm... that's gotta be up there in relevance to the environmental award to Ozone Hole Hunt!
Chairman of the Ruling Rabble's Climate and Energy Committee, Craig, Kok-Up Kelly announced that renewable energy costs will kill old people because they will not be able to afford to heat themselves this winter. "People will die".. he said, and should have added that, "...their deaths will have nothing to do with our cutting  the pensioners energy supplement," which was put in place by Labor to compensate for the carbon tax.
Church, Oradour-sur-Glane
In a moment of genuine humour, failed politician and ex prime-miniature, Tony Rabid-the-Hun, Abbott said after his latest fantastical and egotistical outburst to a small band supporters in what looked to be a beer-hall  that: “The last thing I want to do is be difficult.”
Dominatrix, Bloody Idiot Credlin was in furious support of her best client agreeing; and as the Madam of allegedly the best political brothel in Canberra, also provided sorely needed relief to host, Blot-on-the-Landscape, Bolt by describing (accurately for once), the Ruling Rabble as: “little men with soft, soft backbones, no ticker, no heart and no soul”..... and I don't really think she meant their souls!
Irritated by this dissension taking HIS coal powered limelight in denying climate change and that renewables actually work, Fictions Frydenberg plopped in to observe that Rabid's chewing on Truffles is only going to result in Willy Shortstuff coming out the other end first!
Geez... always blaming Labor!
On a positive note, Philip Morris in losing its case has been billed the full cost ( $25 -50 Millions) of their appeal against the plain packaging legislation brought in by then health minister in the Gillard Government, Nicola Roxon which, since implementation, has resulted in dramatic falls in smoker uptake particularly amongst the young and teenagers.

St Cecile's, Albi

Another "own goal" costing business "bigly" by Le Jongleur Roskam's IPA who arguing against the public health interest pushed this appeal.  Geez... they're really bright these Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe: with friends like that, who'd need enemies?
Hoo-roo, Possums


Mother and Young.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

It tolls for thee....

Shane Wincing
Shane Wincing
G'day Petals,
A  Ms York, Liarbril delegate has said, "....would assume that special needs people would naturally gravitate towards Labor and I know that that's not true" telling the party's federal council that how-to-vote pamphlets should continue to be distributed at polling booths for people with low IQ's, as "they don't all vote Labor". Speaking against a motion to stop the distribution of how-to-vote material at electoral booths, she also said it was important to keep the papers with photographs "for elderly people, for people with low IQ, they don't all vote Labor".
 Proving once again that there's nothing like a misplaced sense of entitlement and superiority to accurately define ones attitude to society and that conservatives are not very bright.
Oohh.. a ruling rabble minion feeling the heat of impending climate doom?
Don Harwin, the energy minister of the NSW Coalition government, has made a dramatic departure from the bulk of his state and federal colleagues by declaring that it was time to move on from the notion of “baseload” power as essential to the reliability of the future grid and underlined the huge gap between right-wing "moderates" looking to embrace new technologies and the Ultra-right conservative Dinosaurs locked into servitude to the fossil fuel lobby and the C19th.
Chair, empty.
Chair, empty.

This was particularly interesting as his neighbour and federal colleague  in Warringah, Tony, Rabid-the-Hun, Abbott who, acutely feeling a lack of limelight, relevance and that his "mission" of returning Australia to the Dark Ages was incomplete, began yet another tilt at again becoming the worst Prime Minister Australia has ever had.
Lashing out at all around him and delivering his nihilistic "Manifesto" from a sheltered IPA (The Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe) workshop in the Deep North, Rabid declared in a Nayaa-Na, Na-Na, Yaaa moment that not only would he "outlast" his nemesis Truffles Turdball, but also build a new coal-fired power station, make housing more affordable by cutting immigration, ban wind farms, get rid of the clean energy target and build a fleet of nuclear submarines, thereby earning the approval of our biggest Miner, Gina R and other assorted quislings of the dim-witted far right.

His cognitive dissonance is such that he was actually bagging policy he himself had in the past, wrought  and that he courageously (in a "Yes Minister" sense) repeated his Red Peril, Hanson-Lite fantasy agenda at another right-wing think tank, the Cabal of Interminable Stupidity which only served to highlight the Trump-esque delusions of grandeur that are now afflicting Rabid and his cohort of self-serving nation wreckers. His accurate comment that there "....was a pall of despondency over the nation" blithely missed the irony that he, his ruling rabble Liarbril Party, their right-wing think tanks and the Ugly American Murdoch's media are the real cause of the despondency of a nation which is now going backward in every way and at an alarming rate.

Fresh from monstering the Victorian High Court and getting away with it, we now have these far right troglodytes vehemently resisting  any policy response which is socially benign. They will not be satisfied until there is full deregulation and privatisation of all services and that the new feudal system is fully in place.
Do you hear a bell tolling?
Hoo-roo, Possums

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Wake in Fright

Anguished Shane
Anguished Shane
G'day Possums,
The 1961 novel by Kenneth Cook, made into a film in 1971 and soon to be released as a TV series, "Wake in Fright," I think is a perfectly apt metaphor for the present state of the nation.
Reviewing the shambles of the ruling rabble's cobbled policy agenda it appears like outback paintings of Drysdale, Nolan or Pugh or as Cook writes: "The three buildings made up the township of Tiboonda. All were timber and iron, all built in the monotonous, low box form that characterizes western architecture; all were riddled with white ants and dry rot. They stood in the plain abjectly, as though they no longer made any serious claim to constitute a township."

Much like the "Two-Up" game where  John Grant, Wake in Fright's main character foolishly tries to win enough money to repay his outback teaching bond by betting all his 6 weeks holiday pay; a parliamentary attack on Labor by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop over foreign donations from Chinese supporters backfired badly when the opposition riposted with questions about an entity called the "Julie Bishop Glorious Foundation", set up by a wealthy Chinese supporter...."He turned, staring, and walked out of the building, out into the night, walking rigidly, transfixed by the magnitude of his loss."

Anguished Shane

Health Minister Greg Hunt, Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar and Human Services Minister Alan Tudge were all ordered to appear in the Victorian Supreme court "to make any submissions as to why they should not be referred for prosecution for contempt." After comments published in The Ugly American's rag "The Oz" claiming that the Vic. judiciary were handing down lighter sentences for terrorists as part of "ideological experiments" and that their leftist bias was calling the law into disrepute.

"The kangaroo had split open and trailed entrails for a dozen yards. Its body was so shattered that bones stood out from the skins every few inches white and glistening."

The brutality of the novels blood-lusted kangaroo hunt  bears real comparison to the open warfare this ruling rabble are waging incessantly on all sections of the judiciary in their rabid attempts to deflect any criticism of their born-to-rule actions. 
$90,000,000.00 compensation has just been paid out to refugees in concentration camps on Manus and Nauru rather than have class actions go to court; an admission of guilt that Dodo Dutton promptly but erroneously, blamed on Labor!

"Joe and Dick started off to look at the damage to the car, but Tyldon lingered, took out his own knife and neatly castrated the carcass."

Anguished Shane

The Vic Supreme court has yet to announce whether it will proceed with the contempt charges but if it doesn't, and accepts the stupid trio's "regretful words" then the rabble have won again in pushing back democracy and the rule of law.

Shades of Germany 1933.

"Three of the kangaroos were dead. One had its leg broken and looked at them with undisturbed eyes.
Joe smashed its head in with a branch he broke off a dead tree.
Grant was surprised that he did not feel particularly upset at the mass carnage. They were, after all, only kangaroos."

This excuse for a government, day by day, further loses the plot of what real governance means. And by adhering to their IPA masters free market script, clearly demonstrate not only their irrelevance as custodians of a "national interest" but also the fact that they are just a continuation of the historically self-centred ruling rabbles who have made lives miserable for millions in past centuries!

"Then he thought, almost aloud:
I can see quite clearly the ingenuity whereby a man may be made mean or great exactly by the same circumstances."

Hoo-roo Petals,

Wake in Fright: Kenneth Cook  (1929-1987) 1961, Published Penguin 1967-1973

Saturday, 10 June 2017

The Orthodox Stench of Corruption

Shane in Ferns
Shane in Ferns

G'day Possums,

Mrs Wombat and I had a little sojourn in "Warby" recently and it reminded us somewhat of the town of Glastonbury in England.

All the pics that follow are from its surrounds.

The Ruling Rabble, fellow-traveller apparatchiks and other assorted entitled had a memoriam, a get-together some weeks ago to eulogise their hero and Liberal Party founder, "Ming Menzies" and his "Forgotten People" speech. That in their orthodoxy they had their dates wrong and their "memoriam" was a historical confection was of no import to them;  particularly "Mings" adulation of Hitler prior to the war and who as PM was selling iron to the Japanese just before WW2, hence his sobriquet, "Pig-Iron Bob:" and also the fact that he "went missing" in London for months, leaving Australia completely unprepared for the coming Pacific conflict was of no relevance to them in their re-enactment.
What matters most to the Ruling Rabble is the public facade of respectability, the pretence of fiscal rectitude and the impression of solidity.
This fractured orthodoxy was well demonstrated recently when the monies paid to the ineligible and now sacked right-wing Senator, Bob Day (apparently $130,000.00) have been "forgiven," but the data matching program informed private debt collectors are still chasing down citizen's welfare debts as miniscule as $20.00 with pensioners being hunted, too.

Don't do as I do, do as I say. 
Double standards = Orthodoxy.
Enter, stage right: Trade Minister Andrew, Reboxetine Robb. 
Paid $100,000.00 by a Chinese businessman for his election funding. The day before the Federal election, he signed up to a $880,000.00 pa job with the same Chinese firms who months before were awarded a 99 year lease on the Port of Darwin. Subsequently, one month after being elected Reboxetine leaves parliament!
As this little piece of chicanery was a trifle more news and noteworthy than Silly Sam Dastyari's $5500.00 worth of Chinese "donations," prime miniature Truffles, worried that the stench of their orthodoxy was becoming more apparent:  Asbestos Bishop also had her "seat" warmed to the tune of $800,000.00 of Chinese electoral munificence too,  found some 5 minutes of solace in a desperate "Look-Over-There" moment by blaming Tardis State premier Dan-the-Man Andrews for the Victorian parole board's decision to parole an ice-addled criminal nutter who, claiming allegiance to both Islamic State and Al Queada,(?) murders an innocent man, takes a woman hostage and wounds three policemen before himself being shot and killed.
What a saviour of probity is "terrorism," eh?
It's a Ballarat tradition... there's a Prime Minister's walk in the botanic gardens on Lake Wendouree with portrait busts of all the country's PM's.
It may be unfortunate for the nation that Rabid-the Hun, Abbott ever existed but now he too is there in effigy, stiffly fouling the rural environment. 
Sometimes we need to be reminded of our electoral and educational failings.
Interestingly, Julia Gillard's portrait in this line-up was once the most attacked and defiled but as Rabid's has already had a crown of onions adorn it, I dare say petals, that attention to his visage might well soon overtake that of his bete' noire's.
Watching The Drum (ABC) recently I was again struck how the orthodoxy of opinion has become the mere rote of the narrow, neo-conservative.
Discussing Corbyn's almost victory in the British elections all of the panel, left and right (what was that faecal matter from Quadrant, Cater, doing there btw?) were happily repeating their truisms of how unelectable Corbyn was seemingly oblivious to the fact  that their opinions did not in any way, accord with the reality of the vote!
This is what I had noted during our last federal election:

"Early in the evening during the election broadcast I was looking at the performances of Sales, Uhlmann and Crabb and also noting the growing number of seats that were falling to Labor and sensed that "something is up here" but this panel kept blithely brown-nosing Scummo and often interrupting and ignoring Wong until : Bang: 1,2,3, Tassie seats had gone, then suddenly they were all at sea having to deal with a reality that was way out of their comfort zones. They never recovered and their bias' took a battering for the rest of the night."


The smug, self satisfied repetition of ruling rabble assertions as question, the mindless repetition of neo-liberal theory as substitute for discussion, the banality of the current orthodoxy is deadening debate and dumbing further down a nation not generally noted for the liveliness of its thinking.
 When you see Fictions Frydenberg allowed to blather on nonsensically about energy costs and the failures of a privatized market being the fault of the alternative energy producers and then his opposition being question-cajoled into agreeing to the same you know you're witnessing the proliferation of propaganda by a player not a journalist.
When you hear constant commentary that there is partisan agreement to Finkel's energy review before it is even released you know that you are listening to the softening-up propaganda of what-you-must-believe. Personal opinion and analysis is being corrupted from the start.
When you have to suffer through Andrew Probyn's (ABC 7.30) sing-song "opinion" homily's attempting to rhapsodise right-wing cant ..Oi!
But for once you can only agree... he can't!
Better that Probyn, be given time off to study a talent; a real wordsmith of popular culture like Clive James and discover that James knew not just his word's worth but that with them he drew from reality succinct images of value and meaning.


It has been said that The Ugly American, Murdoch stormed out in high dudgeon from The Daily Mail's London election room as the exit polls began suggesting that his vituperative campaign against Corbyn had failed miserably..... I hope that is true. 
I wonder too, if Lynton Crosby is feeling aggrieved again?
Two elections old boy, two flops....times up?
"There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile.
He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile.
He bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse,
And they all lived together in a little crooked house.
Hoo-roo possums

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Becoming Dumber and Dumber.

Fading into Dumb
Fading into Dumb
G'day Possums,
Paul Keating once said that when in power your policy framework changes the culture of the nation.
Assuming then that the aforesaid is true let's reflect on some of the more significant utterances of the past fortnight and determine by the language sentiment and intent what sort of country Australia is presenting, not only to the wider world but more importantly, to itself.

Anti-Immigration minister Dodo Dutton has said the 7,500 refugees who have not applied for visas are "fake refugees" and that for them the "the game is up" for costing the taxpayer $250,000,000.00 PA.....  oddly enough, the same amount Dodo wants the taxpayer to spend on his new Border Farce and Anti-Immigration fiefdom.
After denuding legal and language services to refugees Dodo has set an October deadline for these people to fill out the 180 question, comprising 45-60 page questionnaire and statement some of which information is impossible for these people to access.
At the same time Asbestos Bishop was misleading the United Nations as to what a nice place we are in our treatment of refugees.
Are we dumb enough to silently accept this hypocrisy?
The Highway to Hell
The Highway to Hell
Closer to home in what was the Tardis State (Where-All-Went-Backward) Victoria, Matty What's-a-Green-wedge Guy, chief opposition clown had one of his troupe (Brad Battin) pratfall in his union-bashing workout by erroneously telling parliament that it took 51/2 hours for professional firey's to attend the Black Saturday bushfires. This attempt to further politicize the volunteer fire services and to "scotch" the latest reforms in modernizing state fire services only serves to remind that "NO" is the most frequent word you'll hear uttered by any of the ruling rabble tribe in relation to reform as opposed to destruction, which is their forte'.
Are we dumb to accept this crass politicking?
World climate scientists are now saying that ocean levels are going to rise faster than previously predicted because of the alarming increase in the arctic melting.  Australia's ruling rabble in its 2017 budget has axed funding to a measly $600,000.00 for the National Climate Change Research Facility a body that offers information on how best to mitigate climate change and the consequences of sea level rises; and from 2018 it will receive no funding at all.
Ruling Rabble apologist, N.Saava in a look-over-there moment decried Labor's Willy Shortsuff's budget-in-reply speech as only once mentioning climate change whilst pointedly ignoring that fact that the funding cuts were not mentioned by the ruling rabble at all.
Australia is subsidising fossil fuel production to the tune of a massive $A5.6 billion a year and also funds the industry with a further $A292 million a year in public finance, as it expands fossil fuel production on multiple fronts.
 I firmly believe we need legislation that will make criminal and enable the jailing of those who stalled, denied or halted practices trying to ameliorate climate change and its consequences
N. Saava must think we're dumb! 

The Battler's saviour from the Deep North  Poorleen, Pleez Oixploin Hanson is in more electoral strife after her chief of staff, printing guru and sometime pilot, Oily Ashby (he of Slippery Pete's demise) decided that potentially defrauding the electoral office and their own candidates was a good way of making money. Caught on tape making the suggestion and also that he would deny he had ever said it,  Oily later excused himself for a poor choice of words and said, by way of obfuscation, that it was an illegal tape anyway only made by a disgruntled member to embarrass Noe Notion. Pooleen Pleez Oixlpoin had a hard time interrupting her employee Oily at a presser, where she blamed the ABC for creating false news and upsetting candidates and that Oily really had no need of more honesty, ethics and general morality. Around this time  an "advisor" to climate denier, coal enthusiast, conspiracy theorist, the gift that keeps on giving and all round fruit cake,  Noe Notion Senator, Mr 77, Mal-addled Roberts, was arrested on multiple counts of assault! 
Please note that these people see unionists as corrupt and needing strict laws to control them.
I'm dumbstruck!

In what Prime Miniature Truffles Turdball opined was an act of love, not rape, Tax evader, self promoter and serial anti-labor activist, Twiggy Forest has "gifted" a tax deductable  $400,000,000.00 to causes of his own choice.  This crass attempt to mitigate the fact that in 2014-15 his Fortescue Metals made $9.1 Billion in sales and only paid $13.2 Millions in tax on profits of $208 Millions or 6.3%  only re-inforces Twiggy's hypocrisy and Truffles out-of-touch, Cayman Island elitism.
As a piece of right-wing anti welfare greed masked as philanthropy this sordid episode surely marks a new low point in the dismantling of a welfare system for all to be replaced by the feel-good crumbs brushed down to the peasants when seen fit by the ruling rabble.

Next time you see you are paying somewhere between 28-36 % tax on your earnings, ask yourself how dumb do you think they think you are?

And then there was that bastion of right-wing intellectualism (I know, it's an oxymoron), Quadrant!  Having never moved beyond purveying the time warp of the Melbourne Olympics, employer of Daisy the Preening-Princess-of-Putrid Prose, Cousens, and Board Member whose face was obviously the model for the "Angry" emoticon, Nick, Snarler Cater, this magazine and self espoused standard bearer of free speech and the repeal of 18C, allowed essayist (?) Roger Franklin to publish an online piece  suggesting that said it would have been preferable for the Manchester bomb to be exploded in the ABC’s Q&A studios on Monday night, blowing up host Tony Jones and the panellists. The ruling rabble's personal para-military, the AFP has been called in to investigate but as the deed was not done by a Labor person, a Green or a Muslim there'll be a nothing-to-see-there enquiry.
Taste and intelligence never seem to intersect with the ruling rabble, how dumb is that?
Then there was the writer of "The Thick of It",  Armando Iannucci who deploring the questioning style of contemporary TV journalists brought to my mind Leigh Hissy-Fit Sales whose technique fitted his description of a 30's journalist interviewing Churchill by asking the question, "Mr Churchill , you know Germany's problems are caused by the Jews as Mr Hitler says they are, don't you?"
Dumb and Dumber Petals... what choices are we to make before this country is destroyed by the right wing?

Friday, 12 May 2017

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Down the Slippery Slope We Go ....

Reversing positions

G'day Possums,
In the British Museum in London there are casts of antiquities, things like Trajan's Column, Assyrian Reliefs, Renaissance sculptures: all copies made 100-150 years ago which are now important as models for degraded or destroyed monuments as they retain more detail than many of the existing originals. So copying can be useful .

Remember when, under Little Johnny Howard the concept of ministerial integrity and honesty began to be devalued? This is where it has led: the most corrupt, self-serving and incompetent ruling rabble ever to afflict this land has Dodo Dutton lying about the fracas on Manus and who says anything? Who in government holds him to account, who in the MSM takes any notice?   No-one.
Our slippery slope just added a few degrees of decline.
AFP in action.
The Australian Federal Police Force (the militia of the ruling rabble) has been given $320,000,000.00 extra to tackle terrorism.  On the same day the AFP announced that they will not be investigating The Minister for Inhuman Services, Alan Shylock Tudge for leaking to the media, private and personal details of a welfare recipient who wrote an opinion piece for Fairfax Media claiming Centrelink had "terrorised" her over a debt she claimed she did not owe.  Some weeks later, her personal details were supplied to a journalist who wrote a comment piece from the Government's perspective, raising the prospect that Centrelink had been "unfairly castigated". Nice bloke is Shylock.....
AFP is yet to confirm that a few Schekels of its new $320Mill will go toward assisting in banging up alleged fraudster and for Rabid-the-Hun, doyen of the Union movement, Kathy Fingers Jackson whose $1.5 million wealth and spending sprees were seemingly funded by union donations without their approval. Odd that Fingers ratted on fellow unionist Thompson over similar but smaller matters and that case was treated with alacrity .... there's that slippery slope again.
Many don't, but I quite like QandA, even though its even handedness is the 50's suburban Sunday lunch with the rellies sort of soiree,  where you-can talk about anything except religion, politics, sex and money; but within its managerial limitations it  does provide the ruling rabble guest an hour to display not only their incompetence but also their sheer lack of imagination. As did Digger Tehan recently, breaking into a sweat trying to justify the waste of $100,000,000.00 for the Sir John Monash museum at Villers-Brettoneaux and then his complete inability (or bloody-mindedness) to contextualize Gonski Mk#2, HECS payments, Uni fees and housing prices… even panellist Danni Addison quipped to him something apropos “… you’ve lost this audience…” and Dave Hughes …well just watch him…in one succinctly accurate analysis of Truffle's body language in meeting with Frump45, Hughes likened Truffles to  a 13 yo girl on a date with Justin Beiber. The program has its moments of truth.
When in NY Truffles had a meeting with his boss, The Ugly American Murdoch. It transpires that media rules will be changed to suit Murdoch's insatiable greed and need for world domination, so we can look forward to his total control over 95% of print, radio and television in the near future. Mitch, Useless Fifield, paper delivery boy to the IPA fatuously opined that this was a great step forward in journalistic and media diversity and agreed that donating $30,000,000.00 to Foxtel to cover women's sport was sound policy ...besides what would the ABC do with it?

Then came, THE BUDGET!
In an admission of failure, Scummo Morrison and Truffles slightly reversed tack from the hard right free market position of the last four years and presented measures they say are "fair," and "balanced."  Apart from filching half baked versions of Labor's policy's, and which given the ruling rabble's complete lack of talent, they will stuff up, does this signal a rejection of all that Rabid-the-Hun and Eleventy once promulgated and, as a corollary, the ideological hard line of the IPA?  The punitive Centrelink regime will stay. Sewers will be searched to track down welfare recipients doing drugs. Pensioners will still be hit, penalty rates are about to go and even though a small tax was levied on the banks to fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme the banks still  have a big tax break around the corner  if The Senate Shysters, Xenephon , Noe Notion, Loopy Leyonhjelm, Bestiality Bernardi and FlappyMouth Hinch vote it in. Education is still being underfunded, Hecs will be taken earlier and TAFE has been cut again.
Fair, balanced?  I think not . It's more smoke and mirrors to try and get over the electoral line again when if they win, surprise, surprise, all the IPA zombie cuts will be back with a vengeance. Trusting this mongrel rabble is not an option in any circumstance.
Needless to say the press, in the main did the obvious and gloated how the rug had been pulled from under Labor's feet and how the ruling rabble were now "governing".
Hissy-Fit Sales did one of her more asinine and disdainful "interviews" with Short-stuff after his budget reply speech where she was solely interested in the when-did-you-stop-beating-your-wife "gotcha" moments and in her inimitably crass fashion, interrupted Short-Stuff every time he seemed to make an answer of substance....and therein  lies the tactic being employed wholesale against Labor, belittle, interrupt, disagree, push the ruling rabble line: Alberici wandering off into fantasy land about Short-stuff getting "rolled " because his colleagues disagreed about his poor taste dog-whistle ad, and let's not say any more about Jack-in-the-Box Probyn, other than that his delivery would be better suited to the Ch 7 Weather report!
And this Petals is the fair and balanced ABC, not the Murdoch run commercials! But then again, Guthrie an ex Murdoch employee is in charge, now!
Which was ironic,  for all those mentioned were also giving glowing testimonials to their late colleague Mark Colvin, eulogising his incisive and intelligent interviewing, sense of history and honest reporting.
Now, where's that slippery slope again ?
The glum faces of the ruling rabble during Short-stuff's budget reply speech put to rest the notion that anything announced in the budget was a social democratic exercise and "Labor-lite."  All the ruling rabble have done is expose their abject mismanagement, the wounded and fully wasted four years of being policy bereft since 2013: nothing has developed except inequality, fear, debt  and the corruption now rife in their ranks.
Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Down the slippery slope we go ....but I've said this all before.
Hoo-roo Possums,

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Smoke and Mirrors with Pea and Thimble

G'day Possums,
A few months ago in a moment of public candour unusual for one of the ruling rabble, Rabid-the-Hun's dominatrix, Peta Credlin cheerfully admitted that "The Carbon Tax" campaign waged by them was just a ploy to make it a indefensible hip-pocket election issue. It was all smoke and mirrors!
And now ten years later this travesty of a government has business bodies literally screaming out for one to gain some certainty on energy policy and the investment landscape and environmentalists are wringing their hands in frustration at the lack of any or real determined action on dealing with climate change.
d'Orsay, Paris
d'Orsay, Paris

Not two days later due to extreme weather and the energy regulators incompetence, South Australia endured widespread blackouts as power transmission lines were felled and the regulator, well, didn't. This event caused even more smoke and mirrors as Truffles Turnbull and Fictions Frydenberg attempted to blame alternative energy for the state's problems only for the two of them to be widely seen as more of a hindrance than help, particularly after SA premier to much applause, justifiably tore strips of Fictions at a press conference. So it was a pea and thimble con to the rescue when Truffles announced Snowy Mountain Mc Scheme Mk#2 by ordering a review into a possible $2 billion project to probably start sometime in the future and probably increase the Snowy's electrical output by 50%.
Rouen Reflection
Rouen Reflection
Basking in the warm inner glow of thinking he'd actually done something worthwhile, Truffles this week announced that the ruling rabble's smoke and mirror deception over the Gillard government's Gonski school funding, (remember "Gonski Dumbski" from Chwissie The-Whyning Pyne, and-Perfect-Prat-of-a-Prefect) program was really just another hoax and so has employed the same Gonski to do a Mk#2 review to justify what looks to be a pea and thimble trick by abandoning the most disadvantaged schools in the north of the country, reduce the outrageous overfunding to private schools a little and mildly increase funds to state schools over a ten year period.... yes, ten years of forward estimates when this mongrel lot have increased the debt by 50%. Better dressed than usual but still another shambles of a faux policy from the ruling rabble…pea and thimble, smoke and mirrors, just the normal “Ooh, look at all the money we’re putting back … but not as much as we cut…or in the same place.” And add another distraction from TAFE and tertiary funding cuts where Australia in now amongst the most expensive countrys in the world for tertiary education.
Cluny Museum, Paris
Cluny Museum, Paris
Chaos, thy name is Truffles!
The smoke and mirror sophistry of the "Debt and Deficit Disaster" they promulgated so effectively against the Rudd/ Gillard government has come back to bite them on the bum because, having no coherent policy except IPA thought bubbles and rather more importantly, no financial talent, the ruling rabble have doubled yes, doubled the debt and deficit. This embarrassing lack of riches has had pretend treasurer, Scummo Morrison inform us that there is now something called "good debt and bad debt". In this variation of a pea and thimble trick the confederates to the shyster (who pay no tax) are going to try and make off with $50 billions in tax breaks whilst schools, health and infrastructure go begging!
I reckon Petals, you can see there's a pattern emerging here.
Window, Rouen
Window, Rouen
Lurching from his shambles (again, due to injudicious cost cutting) of a national census to the Frankenstein-esque copper NBN (now six months late and counting) which has Australia now dropping in ranking to around 35th in the world for internet speed but near No.1 for retail cost, we had t'other day, the spectacle... well, no the spectacle didn't happen... I'll explain. In the joint commemoration ceremony for the Battle of The Coral Sea, Oz was supposed to drop wreaths from one of its new, you-beaut, Spanish built, Air Warfare Destroyers. Only neither of the two could make it because someone broke them. It seems that not only can we "not-build-a-canoe" but we don't know where to put the correct oil in the asymmetric drives of these vessels.
"Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream....."
salacious media
salacious media
Barnyard Joyce, deputy prime miniature was on QandA  t' other night. Kee-rist, he's an idiot....thinks Mandy Il Patrone Vanstone is not right wing, the ABC's full of closet communists, then rants one set of specious "facts" after another. And the looks of sheer hate toward fellow panellist Plibersek says much about the crudity of this mongrel's mind. He also maintained that we have "..a moral responsibility..." to have Adani ship coal to India so that the poor can have electricity. But we have none about casting refugees into concentration camps...

 So it's all a left-wing ABC, is it Barnyard?  Try ABC 7.30, 3/5/17: Leigh Hissy-Fit Sale's tart little aside of  when presenting the news that some private schools would have a little of their funding cut was "...something Labor never had the guts to do..." and she eventually followed up with a nauseously obsequious and pointless "interview" with geriatric Sydney shock-jock, John Laws. And let's not mention the right-wing bias of Sabra Spitty Lane who manages to avoid any balance whatsoever on topics and just propagandizes all the ruling rabble cant.That's "Left" is it "Barnyard????
Petals I'm off, to polish some mirrors to see the 100% of the Australian press owned by the Ugly American, Murdoch more clearly.