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Shane at Rally
Shane at Rally

Melbourne Rally 16-4-14
March in March Melbourne Library 16-4-14

Estimated at any where from 30,000 to 50,000 people united in one thought; Their detestation on "Rabbutt-the-Hun" and the Liarbril and Notional Parties appalling policies.

the gang
the gang
 Some of us met by arrangement and we also  ran into others so we coalesced into an informal ramble and chatted with others on the way 

Australia wide there were over 100,000 on the streets giving a protest voice to the return to medieval fuedalism that this Free-Market rabble are determined to retreat to.

rally signs
rally signs
There were a multiplicity of causes indicating just how much is under attack.. the environment, wages and conditions, privatisation vs public ownership, asylum seekers, public transport and just plain honesty.

The rally was non aligned politically, organised from a Tweet and then on Facebook...  quite an achievement.

There was a commonality of concept throughout the rally

Eureaka Flag
Eureka Flag at Treasury Place
Melbourne Police and demonstrators
potential for drama
and the photo-bombers...

Wombat Droppings or Low-Down politics in Oz

The free-market forestry of Abbott’s anti-intellectual biblical myth; the Romantic clarion-call of the farmer tenderly massaging the land to gently produce its cornucopia….. a falsity, a distortion, a side-show mirror image which clouds the reality of Old Growth forest being turned into wood-chips for Japanese cardboard.

Aaron Lane (Coot-With-Queer-Ideas-From–a-Parallel-Universe…IPA) wrote a fantasy piece in support of “Rabbutt’s” drivel.. saying that privatising the forests will save them ecologically…in an article not only factually incorrect “…provides tens of thousands of jobs…” try the Bureau of Statistics next time Aaron, about 3000..and of silly philosophic fantasy “fundamental principles of property rights that individual who own property take care of it”…Hmm like the private businesses who are wrecking the Amazon forests… It’s hard to believe that these people are actually paid to think this stuff up…and present it as fact, it’s only a time wasting and futile exercises of making noise for its own sake pushing the selfish agenda of the free market.  Propositions whose only validity is that we are using a common language. This prat has also suggested that the Arts not receive any Taxpayer funding… a sure sign of his lack of education and cultural poverty

In pretend premier Dennis “Inutilus Rusticus” Naptime’s words and cabinet, “That…. talented minister I want by my side…” Mary “Snaaarrrl” Wooldridge of Inhuman services, says that the 600 jobs that have been defunded from her portfolio during her lackadaisical tenure have had no bearing on the number of “at-risk” children being actively and successfully preyed upon by paedophiles. Giving her now well rehearsed stock answer to everything, “I know things aren’t perfect but three years ago the last Govt. left a mess we are desperate to work on but we’re moving in the right direction at this point in time and soon, after dialoguing and going forward with all the stake-holders, we will be on the same page and within the right protocols and workable parameters we will spend the same money over and over again.”  And SottoVoce, “…creating a completely privatised welfare system where you wont be able to blame me for anything, F*****S!”

I've said for a long time that the Wonthaggi De-Sal Plant will provide water for a Nuclear reactor... some questions need to be asked.

This country is in the crisis that Rabbott-the-Hun always claimed that Labor was causing. The reach of the mendacious ideology of this corrupt rabble is astounding. Their fascist-like mentality in tearing away conventions and of passing legislation to protect themselves from what they obviously know would come back to haunt them, kafka-esque. Unless there is a double dissolution or a revolution they will manipulate the system to stay in power forever. Mrs Wombat and the Joeys will be MiM… in spite of the Govt of the”Tardis State” , (Where-All-Goes-Backward) passing anti-assembly legislation at 1:00am in the morning.

Julie “Death Stare” Bishop opines, needlessly, that the ABC is not projecting a suitable image into SE Asia. The “Ugly American, Phone-Hacker” Murdoch could provide a more accurate version of Austraya to the Asians by beaming in re-runs of Big Brother, Celebratory Splash and animated re-enactments of his newspaper’s phone hacking files.

"His Royal Tightness"  George Brandis fresh from deciding who is worthy of a “Gong” is now providing directives to the Arts council as to who is talented enough for a grant. In the genre of creative writing it is doubtless that Brandis will favour Andrew “Blot on the Landscape” Bolt whose fictions he has enjoyed for many years. Other more realistic, documentary or journalistic genres will have to fend for themselves as not playing the tune paid for, the Piper’s have had indicated  that their talents only confuse the National Voice, the One People and the One Leader!

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